wood chips

Vista-G OOD offers wood chips that is made of 100% logs. Here, you can find it with us in two versions – uniformly sized and differently sized.
For its manufacture we use beech, birch and pine wood as well.
Quantities of wood chips are sold in bulk or in Big Bags.
Wood chips is the most inexpensive fuel that may be used to power boilers functioning on biomass. The most determinative characteristic for the wood chips quality is its purity (no bark), which is possible thanks to the 100% use of logs, thus ensuring high quality and high efficiency coefficient.
Another wonderful application of this environment-friendly fuel is for lighting fire in boilers powered by solid fuel. This advantage is due mostly to their low density and easy ignition capacity.
In addition to the uses for heating and tinder, wood chips are also used in wastewater treatment plants, as well as absorbent material for cleaning petroleum and oil spills.
One of the major advantages of this type of wooden fuel used for heating is that it can be combined with another type of fuel like pellets, for instance, although for that purpose a specially adapted burner will be needed.
If you are looking for an environment-friendly product to use for heating that would be both inexpensive and easy to light, then wood chips is the right product for you.