Wood material


Vista-G OOD offers for supply high quality, practical and durable wood material for customers all over the country and abroad too! Thanks to our logistic facility in Ukraine, we can deliver wood material not only by road transportation but also by river and maritime transport too.

Vista-G has its own modern production facility in the town of Plovdiv, which is the place where customers’ orders and deliveries are managed and handled.

Here with us, you can profit from a wide choice of both unprocessed and processed wood materials of good quality. The wide scope of our products includes wood materials such as boards, beams, planks, and laths in custom-made sizes.

The boards that we offer are suitable for production of wood pallets, fruit and vegetable crates, furniture, and also for making wooden countertops or even as roofing material. Mostly birch and pine trees are used for raw material.

Planks of suitable thickness are used to make wooden furniture, tables, benches, etc.

Vista-G OOD also offers for supply quality wooden beams suitable for use in constructions.

The advantages of our wood materials are due to their high (first grade) quality, our timely deliveries, transport by company own vehicles and exceptionally affordable prices.

The advantages described above make our company a preferred and reliable partner.