Eco brickets


Vista-G OOD supplies ECO peat briquettes for the entire national territory and abroad too. Our company has a docking and logistic facility in Ukraine, in the town of Izmail, and offers the possibility for deliveries by river and maritime transport.
ECO peat briquettes is an exceptionally good choice of fuel in terms of energy saving. It is environment friendly and help protect the environment. Our products meets the regulatory requirements of the EU. They do not contain Sulphur therefore there are no harmful emissions during burning. This a major advantage of theirs which makes them an environment friendly product. This type of fuel can be used for heating in all kinds of buildings, also in combination with wood and other materials.
In addition to their energy-saving and environment-friendly properties, peat briquettes are widely used for a number of purposes and in a number of different conditions. For instance, this type of fuel is suitable for all kinds of domestic stoves where peat briquettes can be used directly. Their heating energy can be a valuable substitute for the traditional fuels used for such purpose. They are also used in various industries and are an excellent auxiliary fuel for the production of electricity.
The interest and usage potentials of peat briquettes is very high both on domestic and on international market, where the percentage of usage of this type of fuel is by times higher that it currently is on the domestic market (although the interest to this type of fuel is still growing).
The products offered for sale by Vista-G OOD conform to all standard requirements. This statement can be confirmed by the tests performed in a prestigious laboratory proving the briquettes quality and properties in use.
The peat briquettes that we offer have been tested on different indices and the results on all criteria were positive.

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