Coal is the most widely used natural resource used as fuel. It is extracted from earth by means of underground mines or open coal fields to access the deposits.
Coal is formed of brownish or most often black sedimentary rocks. Coal contain nitrogen, oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen. It also contains differing amounts (usually small) of phosphorus and sulphur, plus some other mixtures like ashes, for instance.
Coal has been widely used for centuries and even nowadays. It is a valuable resource used as a fuel by steam power plants to produce electricity. Another application of such coal is for domestic heating.
There are many different types of coal which depend on the location and processes that went in the deposits. As a result the different coal types have different applications and advantages.
The main types of coal is the lignite, brown coal, black coal, stone-coal and coking coal.
The first enumerated coal types are widely used as fuel in steam power plants, whereas stone-coal is very suitable for domestic heating in different types of buildings.
Vista-G OOD supplies coal of good quality to its customers. In addition to its own production facility, the company supplier has a logistic facility in Ukraine, which enable it to deliver more than 5000 tons of coal per month.
The high quality of this product can be assured by test analysis in an independent laboratory confirming the good characteristics of the coal offered for supply by Vista-G OOD.