Charcoal is a solid matter produced as a result of dry distillation of wood in the absence of oxygen.
To make charcoal wood has to go through three stages. The first stage is called drying, in this stage all excessive moisture gets evaporated from wood. The second stage is the so

called carbonization and the third stage is the so called oxidation.
One thing that makes our charcoal a preferred choice of many customers is the quality of wood material used for its production. Thanks to this, our charcoal is extremely well applied for intended purposes. We use tree species to provide raw materials having the best characteristics, caloricity and burning properties.
A major advantage of charcoal is its easy and quick lighting as compared to other coal types. Another huge advantage of charcoal is its capacity to burn without flames and/or fumes. Yet another advantage of charcoal can be its long duration of burning, which nevertheless depends to some extent on the specific design of the barbecue grid. Anyway, the approximate duration of burning can be up to 3 hours and a half.
Vista-G OOD has the capacity to supply up to 700 tons of charcoal per month thanks to its logistic facilities in different countries.
The charcoal that we supply has been laboratory tested with positive results.

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