About us



Vista-G ООD has many years of experience in the manufacture and supply of high quality solid fuels.
Here is the main scope of products that we offer:

•Wood chips;
•Wood pellets;
•Peat briquettes;
•Wood material intended for industrial and construction purposes;
The quality of our products is very high. Samples of the products have been tested upon request in independent laboratories and the results confirmed the good values of tested indices.

Charcoal and coal, peat briquettes and other products are made/manufactured by the application of good and innovative practices.
One of the major advantages that makes us a reliable partner is our timely deliveries and exceptionally good prices.
Quality customer service and the availability of company own transport significantly facilitate the handling of customers’ orders.

Vista-G ООD has its own manufacturing plant situated in the town of Plovdiv and a logistic facility with a dock in the town of Izmail, Ukraine. This makes it possible for the company to operate not only road transportations but also to make deliveries by river and maritime transport.

There follows a brief description of our products and their advantages:
The wood pellets that you will find with us is an environment-friendly product made of 100% chopped logs. No adhesives were used for their manufacture and they burn without leaving any slag. They are up to 6 mm in diameter and are sold in packs of 15 kg. This product has been laboratory tested.
Wood chips is also made of 100% logs and you can find it with us in two versions – uniformly sized and differently sized. For the manufacture of wood chips we use beech, birch and pine wood. Quantities are sold in bulk or in Big Bags.
Vista-G ООD also offers charcoal in various packing sizes, made of 100% hardwood of leaf-bearing trees.
The scope of our products also includes organic peat briquettes that meet the requirements of ЕС regulations, do not contain Sulphur, and are an environment-friendly product!

Furthermore, we offer coal and wood material, which is suitable for use in construction and for making pallets.
Please, find further information about our products in the relevant pages of our site.
We also provide transportation by company own vehicles – all you have to do is to order a certain product and we will deliver it to a place of your choice.
The products that we offer are suitable for use by both individual customers for their personal needs and by enterprises for their industrial needs.